5* Star Hotel

The design for a five-star  hotel in Becici, Montenegro won the first prize at the international competition upon call. The urban plan of the area proposed two twin towers in the mountain scenery. The solution was to blend in as an example of adjustable organic shape through generic architecture.

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Putnik Villas and Bungalows

The design of ‘Putnik’ bungalows and villas in Montenegro was seeking for elegancy and simplicity. One of the innovative elements was to propose the use of a  cable car that would connect tourists to the sea. The main tower is a special technical innovation: rotating around its axe following the sun and seeking for a clear view to the sea skyline.

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Villas in Teodora Drajzera

Villas in Teodora Drajzera street, Belgrade is a realized project, connecting five buildings in a simple form with a corner business tower. The idea of the architects was make use of the topography to benefit from a sensational view on Avala mountain in order not to be arrogant in form, due to their position.

Jaz Beach Tourist Villas

Tourist villas at the beach Jaz, Montenegro was a project that did not come into full realization. The challenge was how to respect the natural environment and bring into life
architecture under the simplicity of Bauhaus rules. This stands as an opposition to the globally implemented ‘quasi French riviera’ models.

Atrium House in Jove Ilica Street

Atrium house in Jove Ilica street, Belgrade is a project combining different locally recognized elements into a contemporary design. The used elements were a combination of wooden façade and an updated version of the “kibic fenster” window.

Infill Building, Crveni Krst

Infill building in Crveni Krst, Belgrade had a unique design, although its realization did not follow through. The
one of specificity, new for that period of time is its shaped backyard. The architects created an open green space,
providing calmness, intimacy and safety far from the street life.

Villa in Mackov Kamen, Dedinje

Villa in Mackov Kamen in Dedinje, Belgrade introduced flat water pools in a marble exterior. The architects conciled
the investors’ request for luxury elements in a “Mies Van der Rohe” way.

Villa in Djordja Vajferta Street

A villa in Đorđa Vajferta street in Belgrade, project not yet realized aimed to functionally use a narrow location, between a dense context. A roof is organized as an open terrace with a pool, hidden from neighbours as a sort of exit to privacy which was impossible around a house itself.

Cumicevo sokace

Interior in Cumicevo sokace, Belgrade was designed for a UK-based company that requested an open space with gallery. The  idea was to create a coherent design, that is flexible and multi-use.

Interior in Krizaniceva, Zagreb

Interior in Krizaniceva street, Zagreb, Croatia was meant to use a high ceiling of an artist studio and a huge terrace for the new purpose – a family loft. Two sides orientation creating fluid space in a famous Moderna 60-ies buildings
was the cornerstone of the design.

Interior in Desanke Maksimovic

Average big apartment in a 60-ies socialistic building in D. Maksimovic Street was “expanded” in a way to create an open space and separated bedroom. Narrow corridor has been removed and a terrace reshaped. 


Minimal Water Garden

Minimal garden design is evolving around two different water bodies – the still water mirror, a meditative space, and a running stream of cascading waters, positioned in the entertainment and dining outdoor area, where garden parties are held. (Collaboration with Architect Slobodan Erski)

Small Cozy Yard

Is a challenging small courtyard in front of the house. The clients requested a well used living outdoor area and piece of green oasis, isolated from the views of a rather troublesome neighbourhood

Infinity pool in the LA area

The aim of this project was to design the pool area and a very desirable position: towards a breathtaking view over the LA bay. We designed an infinity pool, new entertainment pavilion, dining area, fire pit, several decks, merged with a minimal, dry – tolerant landscape (Collaboration with Slobodan Erski)

Textured garden in LA

A play of levels and textures forms a predominant theme in this elongated garden. Minimal bubbling water feature runs through the whole space, uniting different functional zones.

Fera Palma Garden

Fera Palma is a high end restaurant in Palma Mallorca, Spain. They requested a special acoustic treatment for their new garden extension of the restaurant. This project is a result of a collaboration between Tena Lazarevic and Soundzipper acoustic team from Singapore, who, together, came up with design solutions that incorporated industrial acoustic materials and natural elements such as greenery and water features .

Forest Living

In designing the “forest living room”, as we called this project, we aimed for a seemingless transition between the house and the surrounding small forest and a creek passing by.


Urban study of the inner city area, Cuprija, Serbia

Redevelopment of the urban city core in Cuprija, Serbia. Urban study for the Municipality included a complete change of three main city squares with new reconstruction of existing built structures.

Selected urban study projects

Urban renewal, design and planning proposals for different urban and rural areas. 

Stanari Urban design and cultural center

Urban concept plan for two main squares and cultural center in Stanari, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Atelier EVL team: Eva Vanista Lazarevic, Dejan Mojic, Tena Lazarevic, Model: Matija Brkovic